Beta version

Certifunny still remains in beta which means we won't give you a lot of guidance but we would like you to discover it by yourself instead. We are asking for your valuable feedback to fine-tune our Services as well as our Help Center.

Our most recent addition is "Challenges" (that lead to Media Certificates) which we kindly ask you to experiment with and discover!

For any inquiry you may have you may any time contact us here.

During this beta period you...

  • may use our Services
  • may create an account
  • may generate any certificate available
  • may ask us any question, anytime
  • are expected to inform us for any vulnerability/mistake you spot in Certifunny
  • are expected to propose any idea (e.g. new certificate) you may have

During this beta period we...

  • are testing the Services on real data, your data
  • are modifying the Services based on your feedback
  • do not guarantee the Services will be always available
  • do not guarantee the database won't be erased
  • may add/remove certificates or challenges anytime without prior notice

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy do apply, taking the above into account.

The beta period will last as long as it is needed to implement the final version based on your feedback. After this period, the official release will follow and we will always think of you as our greatest supporter, the one who was there when Certifunny was born!

Frequently Asked Questions

No questions yet, let alone frequentl! Ask one here!