Certifunny stands for "Certify" + "Funny" or in other words: "Funny certificates".

The motto

For better understanding what it is all about, let's see its motto:

This implies that we see no limits in creating certificates. We don't do that for the chosen few, we do that for the masses!

  • We introduce the innovation of letting people certify themselves, via the SELF certificates. After all, who knows you better than your own self?
  • We let people certify others via our PEER certificates! After all, what is more important than what lies between you and others?
  • Via the FRIENDS certificates, we let people create polls and ask their friends to vote!
  • Another innovation is that we certify videos! We create challenges for people to participate e.g. with their TikToks and get their MEDIA certificate! Have you been to the top of mountain everest? Prove it and get it!
  • Finally, we enable organizations to create their own. Certificates are easy now! All you need is to be a company or school representative and have a Certifunny account.

So, certificates are unleashed now! Sky is not our limit. Sky is close and is the limit of others! Infinite is our limit.

The mission

The mission statement of Certifunny is the following:

"To make people happy and proud.
To motivate them reach a goal or serve a good cause".

Certifunny came to offer you all those certificates that you wished for but couldn't get. Certificates that inspire and motivate and have a great impact to people, society and the world. You may also check our CSR plan and the philosophy of our "diamonds".

We will certify whatever serves our mission and we invite the organizations that partner with us to do the same.